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Brief History of Iford Bridge Bowling Club.

Iford Bridge Bowling Club is the second youngest member within the
Bournemouth & District Bowling Association, with Braeside being
the youngest member. Iford Bridge Bowling Club was founded on
21 November 1975 by a group of people who were members of friendly societies,
such as the Ancient Order of Foresters. A number of husbands and wives were
also very much part of the formation. A Mr Don Hurdle was the person whose
idea it was to form a bowling club, and who made it came to fruition.
The clubs early years saw steady growth in membership of 42 at their very
first Spring meeting, which was held on 29 the January 1976.
An extract from the accounts in 1979 indicated that membership was £10.50 per year.
There next objective was to be admitted to the B&D league. This chance came in 1979
when New Milton dropped out of division 5 and Iford Bridge were duly elected
to take their place. One of the founder members remains a very active member to day,
Mr Alan Doughty.
Alan is more than an active member he is very much involved in the club on
a day-to-day basis as the Facilities manager having served on the committee for 30 years
in all of its offices. Mr Ron Prentice was the very first President of the club,

Some notable achievements are

Joined the New Forest Bowling Association in 1988 in Div 4
Entered a further team in the NFBA  - 1990
Progressed through the Divisions 4,3,2,1 in consecutive years.
Champions of New Forest BA in 1995 and 1998

Winners of the B&D 5th Division in 1980
Joined Bournemouth Evening triples in 1991

Alan Doughty was President of B&D Bowling Association in 1993
Mavis Hatton   was President of B&D WBA in 1998
Alan Doughty was President of the Hampshire County IBA - 2002/03

Today Iford Bridge boasts one of the best pavilions and amenities within the Bournemouth & District  and New Forest Leagues, and looks forward to happy and competitive Bowling, for the association and the community.

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